Quake - Nintendo 64: Official Soundtrack

by Aubrey Hodges

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Driftless thumbnail
Driftless I want to bury myself in the raw sound. It armours me. I am afraid of it, but it feels righteous. This feels righteous; fear and paranoia give way to glee.

There's no real word for this kind of ambience. It's dark and beautiful. I love it. Favorite track: Soul Eaters (Level - The Necropolis).
Dominic Marcotte
Dominic Marcotte thumbnail
Dominic Marcotte Phenomenal. This is my favourite album from Mr Hodges ever. It feels like the soundtrack that my mind produces whenever it isn't being pushed out by other songs. Luckily for me, I guess, it is often being pushed out by plenty of songs out there but whenever I listen to this album, it's like a complete synch with my soul is being done and I often fall into a trance for minutes at a time. It is that powerful. Try it if you dare. Kudos on Mr Hodges for delivering this masterpiece of madness. Favorite track: Trouble Found Me (Level - The House Of Chton).
Dustin Porter
Dustin Porter thumbnail
Dustin Porter Gotta love the scare chords that sounds like squeals of sorts towards the end. The suddenly loud squeal at 9:07 mark will make you jump out of your seat! That's a Last Note Nightmare indeed! Favorite track: I Am The Soul Eater (Level - Ziggurat Vertigo).
todd calcaterra
todd calcaterra thumbnail
todd calcaterra This is another hair raising score from Meister Hodges. It is beyond epic, so buy with confidence. Favorite track: Ghosts In My Head (Level - Gloom Keep).
Kriztoffer Swank
Kriztoffer Swank thumbnail
Kriztoffer Swank Shut out the lights and let the weirdness and dissonance slowly suffocate you. Dark ambient the likes of Eric Brosius ("Thief" game series) and Coil.

Despite my love for Nine Inch Nails and their score (it was the band, not just Reznor) for the PC original, I think I may like Hodges' score a bit more. Favorite track: Over The Edge Of Distorted Mayhem (Level - Crypt Of Decay).


released February 11, 2013

In 1998, Quake was brought to Nintendo 64 by Midway Games. The challenge for me from the audio perspective was in how to deliver an aggressive and edgy sound using very low quality (small) samples. I used less samples in the music and reused sound effects as instrument samples at times. I really liked how it came together and the game is one of my favorite works. I had always wondered what could have been if there were less restrictions so I recently created two new remixed tracks to find out! One last note, in some cases I have purposely used distortion and sonic degradation in the tracks, no your speakers are not screwed up...I am.



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Aubrey Hodges Boulder, Colorado

Mr. Hodges’s music and sound design is heard in video games all over the world with a combined total of over 240 games totaling over 128 million units shipped since he began his career.

Considered a pioneer in the games industry with a reputation for taking artistic and technical risks for nearly three decades. Hodges was the first to use music and sounds in an online game (The Sierra Network).
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